Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding booking of job ads

Is the TUM Jobportal free of charge?

Basic Job Ads up to 1.000 characters of length can be posted free of charge for one week. Classic and Premium Job Ads include additional features (e.g.: link to your company website, uploading a pdf file, unlimited character count, duration etc.) and are to be paid for.

Can we send you advertising materials (flyer, poster) about job vacancies or career events/competitions for students and can you forward this information to them directly or place in on the black board?

We neither hand out external advertising materials, nor do we include it into career newsletter to students. In these cases, you can make use of the following paid services: placing a poster on A&C board (display cabinet), renting TUM infoscreens (screens at each Campus) for promoting your career events / job ads / competitions, or placing an ad online in the TUM Jobportal.

How much do the additional features cost and where can I find the prices?

All relevant prices, as well as a detailed description of the offers, can be found in the employer section after a short registration (if you are new), or once you are logged-in to the TUM Job- and Internship Portal under "offers".

How do I make a booking on a particular type of job ad e.g. a premium ad?

First, you have to register (if you are new) or log-in to the TUM Jobportal. Booking can be made directly in the overview page with all ads under "OFFERS". Choose your selected items (select amount and klick "add to card" and once you are done, go to button on the right side "Proceed to checkout". You will receive a confirmation and an invoice into your mail inbox.

Which other co-operation possibilities does TUM provide in terms of campus recruiting /employer branding?

Further offers for companies can be found under Alumni & Career webpage Recruiting and Presence at the TUM Campus

Questions regarding posting a job ad

How can I post a job ad?

You have to be registered and logged-in in the section for employers. Then you can fill out the form provided under "Post a Job". After having filled out the mandatory fields, pleas click the "save" button. Your ad in the Basic form will be immediately publicized and appears online.

I have booked and already paid for a job posting. What have I to do next?

Your job posting will only be activated after receipt of your payment. As soon as the amount due is transferred to our account we will inform you by email about the following procedure. Please note: You can book our offers ahead. Thus, after the receipt of your payment all the services will be available to you immediately.

Can I send you my job ad by email?

We do not accept job positions sent to us via Email. Job ads can be very easily posted by the provider directly in the online portal under the "post a job", please see above how to proceed. In this way, you have full access to change or delete your ad any time and the entire process is much quicker.

How long will my ad be publicized?

In order to maintain up-to-date data, the period of validity is limited with 1 week for Basic Ads and 1 month for paid services.

My pdf file, logo and web-link cannot be attached to my job ad, what can I do?

These additional features are paid services and are available only when you book classic or premium job offer. You have book these additional features first. After the payment is settled, these features will be released for your account. The company logo as well as your website can be added under "profile". Pdf files can be attached in the form under "Post a job". Please note that you have to click onto "Premium ad" first.

How can I edit or delete my job posting?

Once you logged-in with your profile, you can easily edit or delete your entry any time.

I want to recruit German interns for positions abroad. What shall I be aware of?

When searching for an internship abroad, most students will be interested in a duration of two to six months. In Germany, there are two semesters in an academic year which run from October until February and from April until July. Students will most likely look for internships during the semester breaks. Students will expect to earn a decent salary, which covers – at the least – their living expenses abroad. TUM Students will also expect to conduct meaningful work, be involved in a team and develop skills related to their degree.

Questions regarding log-in

How can I get a company log-in?

You will have to register free of charge with your email address here: register as Company/Institution. Immediately after your registration, you will receive automatically an activation link. Please click onto this link and then you can post a job ad or book additional services.

Can one company have more profiles?

There can be more logins for different email addresses (employees) from the same company. However each login is personalized and therefore can only be used by one person.

I have forgotten my login data (password), what should I do?

Please go to "Forgot your password?". Enter your email address and click "Send link". We will send you again an activation link, simply retrieve your emails in the inbox. Please click onto this link and edit (change Password or Email) under your "Profile".

My colleague who was already registered with an account, has left the company. How can I change the email address and password?

You will have to change the personal data under "Profile" (for new email address, please click onto "update", simply input a new password in the relevant area and press "save") for the account. However to do this, you must be able to login. If you have access to the original email address, please simply click onto "Forgot your password" and then a new one will be sent to you. Unfortunately we cannot inform you about the password. We can only give you the information under which email your company is registered. In case you do not have access to the email address, please simply register again as new user.

Should you not have found the answer to your problem or you have further questions, please contact us.

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