CTO & Co-founder @ Democracy Startup

Festanstellung at Agorai in Munich & remote
Online since 2021-06-10

This ad is so ugly, because making it nice would cost 125 EUR - and I don't spend our cash on useless shit.

Join Agorai as a CTO and Co-Founder.

We develop tools for citizens & politicians to take democracy to the 21st century.

Our Democracies need an update! They run on an OS, that’s decades old. Sometimes even a century! It’s time for a new release!

I believe that all people are political beings. That they are very much interested in shaping their community and their society. But right now they don’t have the means. They are lacking the right channel and they feel that deep disconnect to politicians.
So they ultimately opt-out, which means that the fundamental basis of democracy is eroding.

We will turn this ship around!

Join me as Co-Founder of Agorai and create something meaningful with impact!
And don't waste your life programming the 50th ecommerce shop for whatever useless shit products…

This is destiny calling you! Like, NOW!!!11!!

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