Student Software Developer (Werkstudent)

Werkstudent at equinux AG in Karlsfeld - München
Online since 2022-09-23

This is the ideal job for a student in Informatik or Wirtschaftsinformatik with a strong interest in software development and macOS/iOS technologies.

You will be working alongside equinux developers 1-2 days a week during the semester, here at our Zeitpunkt Haus offices.

Additional resources and tutorials are provided for you to go through in your own time, that complement your current area of focus.

Progress is measured by ongoing code feedback and regular check-in meetings.


Which skills do I need?
The Code & Study Program is open to all students of computer science (or similar) from the 4. semester.

The program offers three levels designed for every experience level. During your time in the program, you will learn the key skills you need to advance and gain more experience.

Once you complete a level, you receive a Code & Study program certificate and can move up to the next level of the program.

Apply today: equinux(dot)com/goto/apply

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