Bachelor | Master Thesis Quantitative Investing

Abschlussarbeit at QI Investment in Munich
Online since 2023-03-17

QI Investment is a quantitative investment boutique in Munich, Germany. It offers investment solutions for institutional and retail clients based on superior data sources and quantitative modeling.

The number of alternative data sources has more than tripled in the past decade. Ranging from satellite imagery to web traffic and survey data, these alternative data sources provide company information which is off the beaten track of official statistics and financial figures. For more accurate estimates of the economy or listed assets, alternative data is key and delivers insights beyond the scope of mainstream data providers.

QI Investment has an ongoing inflow of research projects, which have an impact on existing strategies or even justify new ones. QI offers outstanding students to base their final thesis on one of these projects and gain a hands-on experience in quantitative asset management.

Further information can be found on the QI website.

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